Friday, August 13, 2010

Reading Machine

Last night Parker read a sign by himself, which was pretty cool!  The sign said, "Stop for school bus".  The only word he didn't get was school, but once we told him what it was he said, "S-C-H-O-O-L.... school!" so I think he committed it to his computer processor memory banks.  He thought it was hilarious when he read the sign, because April and I were shocked and kept going, "Whaaaa...?"  He's doing really well with words and letters and sounds, and he seems genuinely interested in them, which is always a good sign!  He has totally mastered the "What Letter Does _______ Start With?" game, and even knows the CH sound now.  And he can pick out words from huge groups of words on a page based on what letter they start with and the sounds they make.  Or he'll scan large chunks of text quickly and pick out little words he knows (pop, for, stop, go, the, box, book, etc).  He'll be reading Finnegans Wake in no time!  Or maybe not.

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