Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Zoom Zoom!

Now that we're about to have a second baby, we thought the Corolla might be a bit small for two kids and lots of kid stuff.  So we looked at a few SUV-type cars, and a van, and finally decided to go with the Mazda5, which is kind of a car-van hybrid (thanks to the suggestion of my dad)!  It's really roomy, and the sliding doors in the back seat are awesome!  Each kid has their own bucket seat in the back, too, which is nice.  Parker seems to really love it, as evidenced by him constantly saying, "I love this blue car!"  Here it is.

Here's Parker showing how he can open the sliding doors all by himself.
"Parker, look super happy to be in your new car!"
Still super happy to be in the new car!

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