Sunday, September 27, 2009


The other night after April came home from work we decided to check out Wynn's Apples in Bath (or is it Sandhurst? Or Napanee?). Here are April and Parker, getting ready to move the car out of the driveway so we can take the other car.
Parker sporting his new hat (which looks cute, but didn't last very long).
Mommy and Parker headed towards the apple orchards. Parker was looking back to see a cat that was hiding under a little building.
Parker was super psyched to pick apples. He pretty much took off running down the aisle shouting, "APPLES! APPLES! APPLES!" Every now and then he'd stop at a random tree and say, "This one!" so that was the one we would pick. Here he is helping Mommy put some apples in the bag.

And here he is running like a maniac through the trees.
And here he is eating an apple. Don't tell the owners because we didn't pay for that one.
Mmmmmm.... apples.....
More running!
They had about 10 bazillion apples left on the trees! So if you're in the area and are looking for some, you can find them at Wynn's. We bought a half bushel bag (I think) for around $10.
Holding two apples and eating a third.
Chomp chomp chomp!

And April made some apple sauce for Parker that he loooooves! Hooray for apples!


Kristyne said...

Those are some great pictures of apple picking. So fun!

Abuelita said...

The best photo is the one of mommy and Parker walking towards the apple orchard. April, I can see how doing this with Parker at the end of your busy day is just what the doctor ordered. Love the photo.