Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Parker vs. The Sleep

For some reason, Parker didn't nap at all today! He went the whole morning and afternoon without going to sleep, which is pretty rare for him. Usually we'll wake up and have breakfast and play a bit, then he'll take a nap. Then he'll wake up and we'll play a bit more (or maybe go do errands) and then he takes another nap. And sometimes he takes a third nap in the afternoon if he's really tired and there's room before his bed time. But today he just refused to sleep! He ended up kind of loopy and goofy in the afternoon, which was funny to see -- he was cracking up at the weirdest things (and his laugh is super cute). He eventually fell asleep on mommy in a chair in the basement! Parker definitely won the battle vs. The Sleep today, but normally he succumbs pretty quickly.

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Anonymous said...

uh oh... he's getting to the age where him and Sleep may become enemies.... Alyssa started cutting out the morning nap around now... which means longer afternoon naps. Good luck. Hopefully Sleep wins the war. ;)