Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ugly Doll

The other day I saw some Ugly Dolls (which I have always thought were pretty cool) so I picked one up for myself Parker. It's super soft and has little arms, legs, and ear-things that he can chew on in his never-ending quest to fit things into his mouth. The Ugly Doll is called "Big Toe", I guess because he's fairly toe-shaped. Here's a pic of the doll (real ones with Parker coming soon)!

Edited to add more photos.

The showdown.


ncoles said...

I'm glad your blog stalking us! I love reading comments. I check yours regularly too. Love to see what friends from highschool are up to and their cute kids :)

Lissa said...

haha Big Toe is cute - I love the look on Parker's face in the sequence - where it looks as though he's trying to figure out what to think of the Ugly Doll.

Jessica said...

If you like the ugly doll... you must check into Monster Factory: . The are made in Toronto and each character has a name and personality traits. Super cute!

Garrett Elliott said...

Whoa! Those are AWESOME! My wife was at the One of a Kind show yesterday! Maybe she got one...?