Friday, November 2, 2007

Random Observations

1. For about two (or maybe three) weeks, Parker was completely obsessed with rolling over. Every time we would put him down on his back to play (he has a little play mat thing that has been in a few photos in the past with Sheepy and Buggy and other y-named friends) he would try so hard to roll himself over, straining and grunting and breathing hard. He could get his hips across, but could never figure out what to do with his arms or head. He finally figured it out last week and you could totally tell he was super proud, because every time he would roll over he had this huge happy smile. He rolled over at the drop of a hat, spinning to his tummy every time we turned our heads for two seconds, like a ninja ready to strike (but using cute smiley faces instead of shurikens). He even taught himself how to do little baby push-ups and was able to push himself backwards a bit using his arms. So, now that Parker has figured out how to roll over, he's completely dis-interested in it. It's funny how laissez-faire he is about the whole thing, like rolling over is something for 4-month olds, not 5.5-month olds. If we put him on his back, he just stays there, all content knowing that he could roll over.......if he wanted to. But he doesn't. Even though he can. It's kind of funny because he tried so hard to figure it out, and now that he can do it, he doesn't care.

2. His real-boy hair is coming in. He had a mohawk when he was first born, with a strip of pretty thick, reddish-coloured hair on the top of his head. It seems to have fallen out (or maybe dispersed? His head is a bit bigger now) and thicker hair is growing in. It feels cool to rub your hand across his head.

3. He's waaaay better at standing now. If we tried to balance him on his legs before, they would crumple into a pile of cute mush. Now he bounces up and down a bit and can hold himself up (with a bit of support) for a while. We think the Exersaucer that April's mom dropped off has helped a lot. As soon as he can balance on two legs, I'm totally teaching him how to dunk a basketball.

4. Eating with daddy is much messier than eating with mommy.

5. Parker somehow manages to get cuter and cuter every day. Awwwww. :)

This was a long post! Hi Tiffany!


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Claire said...

He does seem to get cuter and cuter each day!! I love the pics fo him eating...although I'm not too sure how much of that food is getting into his belly!

Lissa said...

ha - I can almost picture him acting so smug, knowing he is fully capable of turning over...
Great pictures, as always :- )