Monday, February 25, 2008

Girls Only Want Boyfriends Who Have Great Skills

Parker has done really well trying and learning new things lately! He used to crawl around (or just stay in one spot on his hands and knees) and then not be able to get back into a sitting position. He would sort of lean on one leg, with his arm supporting the bulk of his weight, not unlike The Costanza:

Now he can go from crawling around to sitting in one spot, which is super cute when he finds something he wants to look at or play with. He LOVES turning the pages of books, so he'll crawl around, find a book, then sit down and open it up to "read". It's really funny. He also taught himself how to pull up on things, so now he can go from a crawling position up onto his knees and then feet. We have to lower his crib today so that he doesn't do ninja flips out of it. Bo hunting skills, nunchuck skills, and computer hacking skills come next.

Here he is riding one of his Christmas presents (with some help from mommy):

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Abuelita said...

He's such a big boy already! I knew he would be big enough to use his riding toy soon after Xmas. I hope he likes riding it.