Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Parker On The Town

We made a sort-of unplanned trip to the mall today and forgot our stroller, so we had to use the mall ones. It was actually pretty sweet, although I was pretty paranoid that it was covered in baby puke and feces, because I've heard that every baby who isn't ours somehow manages to get puke and feces on things. Luckily the staff wipes them down after every use, but it never hurts to bring along some disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizer......just in case. Anyways, here are photos of Parker gripping onto the Mall Stroller of Death for dear life.

And here's Parker not really enjoying the car ride, even though he gets to ride in a pretty swanky new seat. Those little mirrors are the best thing ever for driving!

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Claire said...

Parker looks so cute in the stroller...I love how he sits up and just looks around at everything...give him a big kiss and hug for me!