Thursday, February 21, 2008

Random Info and Photos

Here are some photos of April swinging Parker through the air like Superman. Even though it makes me queasy just watching, Parker really likes this for some reason.

And here's Parker giggling because I was breathing on his neck.

This one might be the funniest one. We don't let Parker watch TV very often because we're afraid it will turn his brain into mush (I tried to find a YouTube link to a Max Headroom blipvert, for those of you who actually remember that show, but oddly enough it doesn't exist) but every now and then he catches a glimpse. He totally goes into zombie mode if he sees the TV. I think April had the Treehouse channel on, and as you can see from the photo Parker was completely transfixed. This is why we don't let him watch a lot of TV. :)

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Claire said...

It's funny how transfixed he is on the must seem so interesting to him! I love the pictures of him laughing - I just love that big smile and those cheeks!!!