Monday, March 10, 2008

Snow, Photos And More Photos

Can you tell that we've been stuck inside our house for a few days because of the snow? Here's a million and one photos! These are not in chronological order because of the way that Blogger organizes files. So they're just kind of a mish-mash of the last few days.

This morning Parker had his last swimming class for the Starfish level! After the class he got a little certificate that he promptly tried to rip up and eat. Here he is on the way to swimming class (with his Nana Hat on):

And here he is swimming in the pool at the Henderson Centre (located conveniently in our back yard) with mommy:

And here he is with his little certificate! Yay!

Along with his super crawling skills, Parker has mastered the fine art of standing. As soon as we put him in his crib he immediately climbs the walls and jumps around. Luckily it doesn't stop him from taking naps, which is really cool. We put him in his crib and he plays quietly for a bit until he's ready for a nap, then he goes to sleep! Here are some photos of him goofing around in the crib:

Here's Parker staring out our patio door at all the snow. He was originally licking the window, but we couldn't get the camera in time. He's actually looking at mommy in this photo, because she's so cute and distracting.

Parker is also incredibly fascinated by the new baby gate. He always crawls over to it and pulls himself up so he can shake the bars and stare down the stairs like a hardened criminal in jail for life. All he needs is a little cup to bang across the bars and he'll be all set.
One of the cool things about Parker is that he really seems to love books. There's a little pile of toys behind him in this photo that's kind of hard to see, but he always sorts through them to get the books. Here are are reading a Dr. Seuss masterpiece about Mr. Brown, his ability to moo, and his skepticism towards your ability to also moo. Parker loves turning the pages.
Here's the view from our front door. I think there was actually more snow the next day, but this amount kept our snow shovels busy enough.

We went to Home Depot today, so here's a photo for Grandpa D and Uncle Shawn. Parker loves riding in carts, and he also loves aisles of tools.

And here's Parker mugging it up for the camera in the basement.



Abuelita said...

It's so funny to see him standing in his crib and other places. Makes one wonder...when did he get so big? He looks proud of his little certificate. I bet he was the best swimmer of them all!

Garrett Elliott said...

It just seems like everything has kind of come together for him in the last 2 weeks or so, and he seems so much more like a little boy! He's a bit taller, and way more dextrous, and he can do so much more stuff so it seems like he's bigger than he maybe is. We think he was the best swimmer there -- he was awesome at kicking!

Claire said...

Wow...this was the ultimate blog update!!! Parker looks so adorable doing all his new things! I still can't get over how big he is getting and how well he does so many new things now...look at him standing and swimming so well!!! He really is becoming a little boy now!