Saturday, March 22, 2008

Speed Demon

Here's Parker having a blast on the scooter-thing he got for Christmas! He doesn't push himself, but I think he has more fun when April and I push him anyways. Plus, we make it go light speed and he seems to really like that.

And here he is being attacked by mommy and giggling.

Here's Parker after a bath wearing a dinosaur towel. He kind of looks like the monster from Cloverfield, but cuter.

He loves to pull on the toilet paper roll and mess it all up. I think all babies like doing that for some reason.


Anonymous said...

OMG, that first photo is awesome. April looks like she's having just as much fun as Parker!

What a cute kid. :)

Claire said...

He looks so cute!!! I can't get over how big he is...those rolls on his arms are priceless!

Garrett Elliott said...

Terry: You should hear the screams that go along with that first photo! So funny.
Claire: Yeah, just when we start to think he's getting all skinny, he still looks chubby when he's naked. His proportions are changing a lot though -- his legs are longer and he's getting closer to walking we think!

Anonymous said...


Garrett Elliott said...

Parker LOOOOOVES to go-go!