Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Little Boy At Nana and Papa's!

We had a quick visit to Nana and Papa's house because we were going to cousin Connor's birthday party and here are some photos of Parker in the morning.

Hiding in the closet like he does at home, but this time without the pooping.  Also of note: we forgot Parker's winter coat at my parents' place.  Nice.
After eating some scrambled eggs.
Mugging it up for the camera, Parker style!


Kristyne said...

He is SO expressive!!

Garrett Elliott said...

Haha! Yeah, he's such a goof! Today while we were eating lunch I kept saying, "You so craaa-zaaaay!" and he was laughing up a storm. He likes the good times!

Kristyne said...

When I tell Gabriel he's crazy, he just repeats it... "crazy crazy". He can't say much, but he can say crazy... LOL