Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little Boy Comin' Atchoo!

The latest edition of the Parker-to-English dictionary:
daydins = raisins
ha-tat = high five
sim = swim
daydee doo = bathing suit
shishen = chicken
buhbuh braaaaaaa = peanut butter bread
Bobee = Brobee
bump bump = usually railroad tracks, but can be any bump in the road
Dita = Lita (Abuelita)


Kristyne said...

You forgot that he can now say "Gabriel"... lol

That's a pretty impressive vocabulary! He needs to teach some of those words to Gabriel!

Garrett Elliott said...

Haha, yeah, he's really good at repeating things! If we go, "Say [whatever]..." he can usually say it. Or at least some sort of near approximation. I think Gabriel was kind of like "Gabul"!

Abuelita said...

I'm always glad when you're around, Garrett, as you make an incredible translator for us all. Where would our conversations with Parker be without you? He'd be wondering why we didn't get what he was saying for sure. Love to hear him talk.

Claire said...

How do you know what he is saying?!?!? Those are some pretty interesting translations he has! I love his words for bathing suit and peanut butter sandwiches!