Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Already? Not Quite.

Okay, so the snow is melted but it's not that warm out yet!  When Parker woke up from his nap I thought it would be a cool idea to take the new wagon he got from Nana and Papa for Christmas and head down to the swings to get some fresh air and have some fun!  Also, it seems like it's been a while since I've taken photos of Parker, so here are some photos of our journey:

Pre-park playing with his parking garage.
Pre-park lying on the floor and being goofy.  One of his new things, for some reason, seems to be randomly lying on his back.  He'll lay on the floor, giggling, then start to get up only to lay on his back again.  And today when he woke up from his nap he was pretty quiet about it, but I could tell he was up so I snuck upstairs and watched him for a bit.  He was just lying on his back, with one knee bent and the other leg crossed over it (like a guy would sit if he was in a chair reading a newspaper) looking at the clock on the wall, occasionally playing with his toes, and sometimes saying random words quietly.  
Some more driving his car up and down the ramps.  He loves those little cars so much.
Here we are in the wagon outside for the first time ever!  We've puttered around the basement just for fun but the wheels have officially touched earth now.  Hooray!
It looked nice enough out.....
Lots of construction in our neighbourhood still.
Time for swings!  Weeeeee!
Parker's boots were too big to go through the swing holes!  Probably a sign that, if you're still wearing winter boots, you probably shouldn't be playing on the swings in the first place.  Oh well.  :D
It was pretty cold so we headed back home after a brief swing!  But hopefully it keeps getting warmer so that we can leave the touque and boots behind next time!


Kristyne said...

You mean you actually put boots on Parker to take him somewhere? :P

And Gabriel has those cars too. Equally thrilling in this house, although we don't have a parking garage for them. Must look into that!

I love how the car had to ride in the wagon as well!

Pauline said...

The random laying around on your back? Hannah does this too. Preferable in a dirty doormat in the kitchen, while I'm carrying hot things from the stove to another counter. Random yoga in the kitchen is another favorite. She'll do a perfect downward facing dog and announce "Hannah doing woga!"