Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Can you tell my camera stuff is in the shop getting calibrated, cleaned, and tuned up for the wedding season?  Here's another video!  :)

A few weekends ago we had Jeff, Kristyne, and Gabriel over for a playdate in the morning!  I think Parker and Gabriel (although Parker calls him "Babriel") are officially BFFs.  Here they are holding hands and walking down the hall!  Awwwwwww!  It was fun to see them actually play TOGETHER instead of just near each other but doing independent things!  Check out how they've mastered synchronized falling on the floor!

Here's a video of Parker realizing I'm making a video.  He likes to watch himself on the LCD (which he refers to as the baby), but I always laugh when he takes the camera and ends up making movies of his giant face looking confused.

Grandpa came over the other day to watch Parker while I met some clients, and when I came home Parker knew how to play the harmonica!  Here he is showing off his mad skillz.


Anonymous said...

Parker, you're too cute! Love the new friend, and the friendly hand-holding. Grandpa has been waiting to see the video of Parker playing the harmonica. He'll love it! See you tomorrow, Parker!

Kristyne said...

Jeff and I have tears in our eyes from laughing at that synchronized falling. Too funny. And it was such a fun morning. Thanks again for having us over. Can't wait until we do it again!

Nana said...

I love your new videos. The synchronized falls are too cute. I especially like the harmonica one. Bill must have had a blast with Parker that afternoon, he is so much fun. Hurray for Grandparents !!