Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Captain Underpants

Even though we haven't been really consistent with potty training, April has been putting Parker on the potty every night at bath time and he's starting to kind of get the hang of it.  Our goal is to have him potty trained this summer when we're both home and can chase him around the house cleaning up after him if necessary, but while we were at the mall the other day we thought it would be funny to get him some little underpants.  We went for a swim in the afternoon after his nap and when we came home I asked him if he wanted underpants on and he said, "Ohhh-kaaaay!"  Since there was only a short amount of time between wearing underpants, eating dinner, and then taking a bath I figured why not!  So here he is eating dinner in his underpants (which you can't really see):

And here he is brandishing his fancy new red underpants.
Woo hoo!
Here he is the next morning playing with an awesome puzzle that he got for his birthday from Scott, Gemma, Milo, and Uly!  He sometimes likes to put the car pieces on the wrong car and then go, "Nooooooooo!" and switch them around.
And here he is taking photos of himself.  I quite like his use of the rule of thirds.


Abuelita said...

Could Parker look any cuter in his new underwear??? I don't think so! Red?! I love red, Parker!

Claire said...

Okay...I honestly just peed myself laughing at him striking a pose in his new underwear....too cute!