Thursday, May 7, 2009

New T-Shirt

Hooray!  My camera and lenses came back.  Here are some photos of Parker -- is it just me or does he look older? -- sporting an awesome new t-shirt that we picked up at Children's Place the other day!

Brushing his teeth while he watches something on TV.  Usually our daytime tooth-brushing routine involves him laying on the bed on his back, me saying, "Open!" and then brushing his teeth.  And I usually have to hold his lip up to get the fronts of his teeth, but then he pulls away giggling because it tickles.  And then when I'm done I let him play with the tooth brush a bit, but he usually just kind of sucks on it.  Yum.
This sequence was funny because Parker would sit on my lap and we'd look at photos on the back of the camera and then I'd say, "Stand up, please, and I'll take your photo!"  He'd stand up and take a few steps forward towards the wall, then turn around and strike a few poses.  After I'd fire off a few frames, he'd giggle and then run back to my lap so he could look at the baby on the LCD.  Then we'd repeat.  :D


Andrea said...

Parker is getting so big!! I love that you can get him to look right at the camera. The best I can get from Brayden is a blurry shot as he runs by!

Garrett Elliott said...

Blurry action shots are good, too! I think I conditioned Parker from a pretty early age (um, about 10 seconds old) so he's really used to the camera. And because it's an SLR, it's nice and big and gets his attention, although half the time I think he just ignores me because I'm always taking photos. He's pretty good if I ask him to look right at the camera, though! But his attention span is so short that the photo shoots are pretty quick. :)