Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Table!

Parker got a new play table for his birthday from Nana and Papa!  It's really cool -- it has a spot for sand, and another spot for water (although they don't stay separate for very long) and it also has a removable top so you can put a normal table-top on it and have lunch or colour or play or whatever.  Here's Parker enjoying the table for the first time the other day!  He sat there for about 25 minutes scooping stuff and pouring it and moving his little cars around.  And every time he'd dump mud into the other side he'd say, "Oh maaaaaaan!" for some reason.  I'm still not entirely sure why, but it's kind of funny.  

"Scoop scoop scoop!"
"Oh maaaaaaan!"

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Abuelita said...

Looks like fun, Parker! Can't wait to play in it too!