Thursday, June 25, 2009

10 Million Videos

While April was still at work, Parker thought he'd be helpful and water her flowers. He loves playing with the hose and recently figured out that, not only can he spray the plants, but he can spray us as well and it totally cracks him up.

A funny video of Parker picking up the camera and going, "Caaaamaaaa... Caaamaaaaa..." like a little zombie.

Running down the hallway, one of his favourite past times.

The infamous dinosaur puzzle! When ever he finishes putting all the pieces in, he gives himself a little round of applause and then starts all over again. He's pretty much mastered this one but he's still not ready for the unicorn and fairy puzzle I bought at Chapters a while back. It's pretty tough, despite its benign imagery.

Giant toddler face!

He also really loves the swing outside. He likes it when we count to 3 and pull him higher and higher on each count. And sometimes he likes it when we sit on the other swing while he swings. He also likes to stay on the look-out for airplanes.

Playing with his sand table, making the boats jump around a bit.

For his birthday he got this really cool musical mat from Scott, Gemma, Milo, and Uly! It plays various Yo Gabba Gabba sounds.

More of the Yo Gabba Gabba dancey dance mat!


scott said...

haha! i love the gentle clapping after he solves the puzzle! "and.. last piece.. there we goooo.. yaaaayyy.." what a smart kiddo!

Abuelita said...

Thanks for the videos, Garrett, they're all great reminders of what a beautiful little boy Parker is. Love the puzzle one.

Roisin said...

That running down the hallway video reminds me of grover's near/far sketch haha