Friday, June 19, 2009

Parker's Current Favourite Thing Ever

A while back while I was visiting my parents in Dresden with Parker, we stopped at a store in Chatham and I bought him a dinosaur puzzle. He thought it was pretty cool at the time, but lately he's been REALLY into it. He'll sit down and put his puzzle together quietly (well, with the occasional, "DINOSAURS!!!!!") for 10 or 15 minutes at a time. He's getting really good at it, too! He can put the entire thing together by himself, even though some of the pieces are kind of tricky. I bought him a more difficult puzzle the other day but we're waiting until he's really tired of the dinosaur puzzle before we break it out.

And here he is making a wacky face in the car at something. He may have seen an airplane, which he can spot from miles away. It's like he has a Spider-Sense, but with airplanes.

I should also note that his other current favourite thing ever are the Spider-Man jammies he got for his birthday. He insisted on wearing them the other day, which is why he's in the car with his Spider-Man jammies on. We went to a playgroup to show them off and I'm pretty sure the other kids were jealous because they all had to wear REAL clothes.


Gemma said...

You get the prize of AWESOMEST DAD since Parker got to go to playgroup in his jammies - LUCKY - I'm never allowed to do that!!

Abuelita said...

I think Parker is the smartest toddler in the whole wide world - he usually directs me when I'm trying to do the puzzle myself by telling me where the pieces go.