Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Peanut Butter Bread

I spent the weekend photographing kids and families in Ottawa, so when I came home I thought I should probably take some photos of our OWN kid!  I didn't put a lot of effort into it, as you can tell.  :D  Parker is like, "Whaaa?  I'm not ready!  Don't take my photo yet!"

We've noticed that he's starting to get pickier, especially at dinner time for some reason.  Tonight was the second night in a row that he didn't really want to eat the food we had for him (either he legitimately wasn't hungry or he wanted something else).  Last night he went to bed on what we thought was a fairly empty stomach but he slept through the night without any issues.  So hopefully the same happens tonight, because he didn't eat very much again for dinner.  We debated on whether or not we should cater to his whims and stuff his face full of raspberries and strawberries and corn but we decided we'll hold out and hope he learns that he needs to eat what we're having (which isn't ever anything very suspicious).  

What else is new?  Um, we go swimming every Monday, to a playgroup every Wednesday, and fill up the other days with stores, parks, reading, chasing each other around, singing songs, and colouring.  Right now he's really into the song "Sleeping Bunnies", which sounds kind of like the Itsy Bitsy Spider, but involves pretend sleeping and then lots of hopping.  He likes to pretend-sleep on my back while I lay on the floor, and then we jump around and try to spin as much as possible before we stop.  Good times.  He's also really into the Alphabet Song (which he calls "ABD's").  His version sounds kind of like this:

A B D D E EH G...  H I J K EH EH EH EH P...  Q R S E U V...  W X Y C...  now I kna ma A B D's...  neh neh won me me wid meeeeeee!


Claire said...

Don't you just love how much fun you have together?!?! Don't worry about the picky eating, Kellen does this too sometimes, but it always seems to pass!

Abuelita said...

Parker reminds me of you, April! I still remember you being this awesome kid when it came to food...until you hit your second birthday! Then, just like Parker is doing, you became super picky. Oh, well, Parker, you'll get your appetite back one day. Love you!

Julien's mommy said...

everytime I see a picture of Parker, it makes me smile. He is absolutely adorable!