Saturday, June 6, 2009

Awesome New Shirt!

April has been really into Etsy lately, a website where people make and sell little crafts and toys and clothes and all kinds of crazy stuff.  The other day she picked up this awesome shirt for Parker:

This was our downtown photoshoot today.  People probably thought we were crazy.  I'd put Parker on the sidewalk and say, "Stay right there!  Doooon't moooove!  Waaaaait...  waaaaaait...  Stay there, please!" and he'd just look around while I took a few photos, but then he'd come running over to see them on the back of the camera.  I should have never showed him that.

Looking for bugs.

And here he is hanging out in the car and reading some books while we were driving doooowntoooown (that's how we say it when we go downtown).


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Love the shirt, Parker!