Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving And Random Stuff

Happy Thanksgiving! Here are some photos from our weekend (although I was pretty busy shooting a wedding on Saturday and then two other shoots on Monday). Here's Parker rocking out with Darryl at the kitchen table.
Although it looks like he's in pain, Parker is actually trying to sing along.

Here he is, happy to be eating some corn and salmon. Mmmm... traditional Thanksgiving salmon.....

Potty training update: Parker is pretty much having zero accidents and can go for about 2 hours or so before we have to put him on the potty (but we still do it about every hour and a half). He's now also starting to tell us when he needs to go, which is really helpful. Still no poop on the potty, but he seems to be really getting it now.

Talking update: Parker never stops talking. Like, ever. He talked pretty much the entire drive to Brockville, and then the entire drive home. He describes everything he sees and also random things he thinks about. He sings songs constantly and he also really seems to be getting the whole language/communication thing. This is also really helpful.

Tonight we had our first tough guy parenting move! Parker was eating spaghetti on a plate that was on his tray, and he flung the whole plate on the floor. We made him pick it up even though he didn't really want to (he wanted hugs because he knew he was in trouble) but he did it. April and I high-fived.

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Abuelita said...

Did Parker pick up his spaghetti??? I can just picture it! I hope he got his hugs afterwards! Good job, Garrett and April.