Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lemoine Point

I had a shoot at Lemoine Point this morning so April and Parker came to meet me for a hike when I was finished! It was crazy nice outside considering it's the end of October, so luckily we were able to get a good hour or so of hiking in before the weather gets worse. Here are some photos:

Parker running around in the big, open fields.
"Come on, Daddy!"

Parker has grown a lot in the last few months (he's about 3 feet tall now) but when you see him outside in the open you realize how tiny he still is! Can you find him in this photo?
We told him there were ducks so he kept saying, "Where'd the ducks go? Ducks? Find the ducks!"

Overlooking Collins Bay.
The elusive ducks!
A lot of the leaves have fallen but it's still really scenic!

Parker is really into bridges right now, so when April said we were walking under a bridge of leaves and trees he thought that was the best thing ever.

There were tonnes of friendly birds, including this guy.
Taking a pit stop to pose for a bench photo.

The birds are so friendly, they'll come and eat food right out of your hands!
Parker riding on my shoulders and eating a "Meow Meow Bar". There's a cat on the wrapper so that's what he calls them.

Hooray for fall colours!
Feeding more birds! We actually ran into Scott, Gemma, and Milo who were also out for a walk and feeding the birds (along with Nate, Laura, and new baby Oliver)! It was a good day for a hike.

Here's Parker being cute while waiting for birds to land on his hand and eat.


Kristyne said...

What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday! Great photos.

Claire said...

Love the looks so beautiful there! I love the pictures of Parker walking around and looking at the bird on April's hand!