Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkins Hallow'een!

Parker seems really psyched about Hallowe'en, even though I'm mostly sure that he has no idea what it is. But when we mention pumpkins he always says, "Pumpkins....Hallowe'en!" Today was really nice out (kind of chilly, but nice) so we went to Fruition Berry Farm just outside of Kingston on highway 15 to check out their pumpkins and corn maze! The entire drive there Parker kept saying, "Picking pumpkins! Picking pumpkins!" and although we weren't quite sure what to expect (April heard about the farm from a co-worker), the pumpkins did not disappoint. And the corn maze was pretty sweet, too. Here are some photos of us in action:

Before we left, Parker sitting on the stairs while Mommy put his shoes on. He was pleased to be wearing his ketchup and french fries "What A Team!" shirt.
Doing up the coat -- zip zip zip!
Looking mildly stunned in his hat and coat.
I was inside the passenger seat and Parker was outside the car trying to peak into the window while going, "Daaaaaaaddy! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddy!"
Fruition Berry Farm! Well, the corn maze, anyways.

Looking for pumpkins.
Found them!
Parker really likes lifting heavy things, so he tried to lift a bunch of the pumpkins. April kept asking him to pick one out for Daddy, so he'd run from pumpkin to pumpkin saying, "Pumpkin for Daddy!"
Using the pumpkin as a small chair to rest his weary pumpkin-lifting legs. The dude working in the back ground does not seem impressed.
Mommy and Parker (but he was distracted by some airplanes or something).
zomg a rare photo of Daddy and Parker!
Exploring the awesome (but kind of muddy) corn maze.
Taking a brief hiatus to pet some corn.

Parker really seemed to like navigating. Every time we'd get to a cross-roads we'd say, "Which way do you want to go now?" and with 100% certainty he'd say, "Turn left!" or, "Turn right!" or, "That way!" We ended up fairly lost. :D
After the farm, we tried to go to downtown our favourite Chinese restaurant ever (Silver Wok) but they were closed. So we checked out Lee Garden Buffet instead since Parker wanted Chinese for lunch. Here he is taking a refreshing gulp of milk.
Pointing to something (I think the cat statue on the wall).
Eating some traditional Chinese watermelon. Funny story: the waitresses kept coming over to Parker and saying how cute and awesome he was, which was really nice. But then he yelled, "CHINESE!!!!!" in her face once and we were so embarrassed! Haha! It was pretty funny, but pretty awkward. Another lady came over and she was like, "No, I'm Canadian!" and Parker would say, "CHINESE!!!!" because he was so excited to eat the food, not comment on their ethnicity. Woops.
A fun morning was had by all! The afternoon was spent napping, and then I cut the lawn for (hopefully) the last time this year while April and Parker went for a HUGE walk to feed some apples to some horses.

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Abuelita said...

Such fun guys - what a great day getting your pumpkin and having lunch after all that activity. Parker is so funny yelling out 'chinese!' He does love chinese food for sure. Did he have egg rolls? Seem to be his favourite.