Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Playtrium Playdate With Gemma & Milo!

Gemma and Milo invited us to the Playtrium today for a playdate! It was their first time going, and our millionth. For the first time ever, Parker crawled across these weird net tunnel things all by himself! The entire time he was doing it he kept saying, "I can do this! I can do this!" and when he got to the other side he exclaimed, "I did it! Hooray!" So cute. :D Here are some photos of some toddler section action!

He looks like an angry celebrity with paparazzi in his face. "I SAID NO COMMENT!!!!!"
The other day he dropped one of the little pumpkins down the stairs and broke the stem. Now he likes to point out that it's broken in a sad voice while pointing at it.
Parker and Milo riding on the spinning machine of death!

Parker looooves these things. Staples of doctors' offices and other waiting rooms, the beads-on-bendy-wires never get old. The last time we were at the Playtrium I think he probably played with it for 20 minutes straight.
Milo on the move! He's a crawling machine!
Milo on the move again!
"Here comes Parker!"
Gemma and Parker goofing around before we had to leave for lunch!
Mmmm.... zippers....
We went swimming this afternoon. Even though he hates his swimming class, he had a great time at the open swim today, strangely enough. When we got home, Parker and I took this goofy self-portrait on the couch and then we watched this awesome Sesame Street video.


Claire said...

I love the picture of you and guys always seem to have such a great time together!
Now, is it me, or is Parker looking very different these days!?!?!? I think he is looking so much older - his face, his hair....something is different! Of course, he is still as cute as a button!!

Abuelita said...

You're right, Claire, Parker is looking older, bigger now. He can talk until the cows come home though. I love going for a walk with him and listening to the never ending chatter.