Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Airport

We didn't have anything to do the other day, so I decided to take Parker to the airport to see if there were any cool planes taking off or landing.  He was pretty psyched.

Except here.  He doesn't look very psyched here.
The airport!  Hooray!
Parker thought it was exciting running around the building and seeing parked planes.
Some kind of crazy military jet.  Anyone know what this is?
Chasing after some pilots.
There's a plane!
There's a tractor!
Scaling the fence!
Unfortunately there were only about two airplanes that landed while we were there.  The employees inside said to come back around 2 pm or so because it would be a lot busier, but that's Parker's nap time and sleep is probably more important than airplanes.  It's kind of a fun time-waster, though.  We also went to the train station a few days ago and just watched a bunch of trains come and go, and that was pretty awesome (and we randomly saw one of our neighbours there, which was nice).


Nolie said...

I found your blog through your signature on Kids Kingston where I am also a member. I have been reading here and there for awhile. I love seeing all the neat things you do with Parker and you take AMAZING pictures of it all.

I have never thought of taking my son to the train station or the airport to just hang out. He would love it. I must do it sometime. Thanks for the idea.

Garrett Elliott said...

Thanks, Nolie! The train station is definitely a good one because you can go down the escalator and under the tunnel to the other side to see trains going the other direction. And then you can repeat the process 10 million times when more trains come. And they have a little snack kiosk. :D

Nolie said...

We are going to do that one day. We can never think of things to do that don't cost money with our son.