Friday, May 14, 2010

Grocery Shopping

Here are some random photos from our morning the other day.  Here's Parker sporting his Muno shirt, which was very controversial for him to wear because he thought there was still hair inside the shirt from when he got a haircut ages ago.  Luckily I was able to convince him that our washing machine did its job and the hair was all gone.
Getting ready for a drive.
Getting ready to give me a zombie death stare.
Here we are at Loblaws!  This is an exciting grocery store for 3 reasons.  1) It has an elevator, and Parker loves elevators.  2) It has one of those plastic puppy donation things, and Parker loves giving the puppy hugs and money.  3) Our cooking classes happen here (although we didn't go today because we had other stuff to do), and they're fun.
No matter which grocery store we go to (and we go to the Amherstview Foodland A LOT) our ritual is to always stop and get a piece of "bread", which can either be a croissant or some other type of roll.  He loves to munch on it while we go up and down the aisles.
Taking a bite of bread.
Enjoying a gigantic bite of bread.
Outside in the cart after I loaded everything into the trunk.  He likes it when we "bonk the carts" by putting the cart back in the cart holder area while he's still sitting in it.  One thing I've learned since having a kid is that the best parking spot is always the one next to the cart return area, even if it's the cart return area at the other end of the parking lot.  


Abuelita said...

So Parker likes muffins??? We'll have to bake some next time he visits. Love the photos as usual. Can't wait to see him for his birthday!

Garrett Elliott said...

That's actually just a type of plain roll that kind of looks like a muffin, but it's not. Although he does like some muffins every now and then! But the grocery store ritual involves only plain pastry.

andra said...

I totally hear you about the best parking spaces. I was just thinking about that the other day as I wheeled Mace out of Wal-Mart!