Thursday, May 27, 2010

Droppin' Knowledge Bombs

We were watching Super Why the other day (an awesome show), and Super Why was asking us, the loyal audience, which word he should substitute in his sentence:  tiny, tall, or quiet.  He was looking for tall, but without prompting Parker said, "Tall!  T-A-L-L spells tall!"  I don't know if it was just luck or if he's a super genius toddler, but I'm leading towards super genius toddler.  I've never spelled the word tall for him before, ever, so I was pretty surprised and gave him copious high-fives.


Kristyne said...

Parker's impressive spelling abilities are up there with Gabriel's impressive math abilities. I think we have some smart kids. Good thing they're going to preschool together next fall! :)

Claire said...

That's just plain freaky!! He has always had really good language skills - and, I'm pretty sure that he gets it from his Auntie Claire!