Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Third Birthday!

On Sunday the 16th, Parker turned THREE!  What's up with that?  We had a small party at our place and everything turned out great!  Thanks again to everyone for coming (especially if you had to drive a loooong way).  Here are some photos from the day!
Scott brought a crazy gigantic bubble maker!
Parker chasing after the bubble that looks like the blob from The Abyss.
Milo going for a drive.
Parker actually popping the gigantic bubble with his face.
Enjoying the nice weather!
Milo and Gemma!
Having a serious discussion with Nana.
Chasing Milo for a hug.  At least Milo isn't running in terror!
More chasing Milo for like a zombie for a hug.  Or to eat his brains.
Mmmmm....  BBQ'd birthday hot dogs....  
Laughing at something funny (Scott was doing something goofy, I think).
Ooooooo, a box with things in it!  His socks are gone and his pants are rolled up because he decided to step in the bowl of bubble making stuff earlier.
There was a present that had alphabet wrapping paper, so when Parker saw the letters he broke out into the ABC song, complete with a jig and some clapping.
Using his gigantic bear hands to palm a present.
Nana cheering him on.
Parker has recently figured out the awesomeness that is playing drums on Rock Band, so this shirt is appropriate.
I asked him to show me what the present was, and he jammed into the front of the camera lens.  I am just a camera to him.
If your child has not experienced a singing/talking/musical card yet, you need to go out and get them one immediately.
Here comes the caaaaake!
He's been talking about eating cake and ice cream all week to anyone who would listen to him.
Blowing out his three candles!
Yummy Dora cake, from "Celebrate With A Cake" in Kingston.
Sweet, sweet chocolate cake.  Although I think he actually liked the icing more.
Om nom nom nom!


Abuelita said...

Parker's birthday party was so much fun - everything was wonderful, from the gorgeous weather to the great company, to great food, to great kids, ....well done! Has Parker used his lawn mower yet?

Garrett Elliott said...

He has! We opened it and set it up yesterday morning! The grass is much nicer-looking now. And there are plenty more bubbles around, too.

Kristyne said...

Happy birthday, Parker! I can't believe you're three now!!

Garrett Elliott said...

Kristyne: I know! He's OLD! :D