Monday, November 22, 2010

His New Favourite Thing

Also, I should probably mention that Parker's new favourite thing is to play school (hi Miss Janet and Miss Caroline!).  He goes through all the actions and sequences that he does at school and always makes sure that we participate.  Especially when he does his little pre-meal prayer.  He says, "Put your fingers by your eyes, everyone!  Everyone ready?" and then he does his thing.  It goes like this:

(pointing to eyes) I have two eyes to see my food
(pointing to nose) I have one nose to smell my food
(pointing to mouth) I have one mouth to eat my food
(folding hands) Thank you, God, for the food

Sometimes he'll randomly say, "Remember my calendar?" and he'll pull out his number chart and start counting to 30.  Or he'll break into a rousing rendition of the cleanup song (which is never a bad thing) and tidy up.  Then he likes everyone to sit in a circle while he sings ABCs and If You're Happy And You Know It, and then he says, "Okay everybody, I'm just going to check if the moms and dads are here!" and he goes to the door.  I think he likes school!

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