Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Second Visit To The Dentist!

Parker's first trip to the dentist was way back in April, 2009 so we figured it was time to go for another checkup.  Here he is looking tentative in the waiting room.
 Here he is looking tentative in the chair.

Despite his tentative looks, he did really well!  He thought the chair was cool because it went up and down, and he though the light they used to look in his mouth was cool because it was like a gigantic flash light.  And the first dentist showed him what she would be doing (counting his teeth) by touching his finger nails with the counter thing, and now he does that to me every now and then with eating utensils.  He did an awesome job keeping his mouth open, and they said his teeth looked great!  Nice and clean with good gaps in between them.  He has all 20 teeth, which he thought was pretty cool (although it wasn't 100 teeth, like he thought he had) and the dentist was pretty psyched to hear about his love of flossing.  He also got to pick out an orange tooth brush, which is his favourite colour.  All in all, it was a success!  I think he has to go back in May, and they'll actually attempt a cleaning.


Pauline said...

Hannah goes back for her second visit next month I think, and I'm more scared than she is! She's excited about the heart bracelet she got last time. great pics--his expressions are pretty bang on with how a kid usually feels at the dentist. Nice capture...yay Parker for being so brave!

Saundra said...

Wow! How brave your son is! It's nice to know how kids have been acting every time they go to their dentists. In Edgewater, there is a dentist office there and that's where I go to have regular dental check-ups for me and for my son as well. And I'm amazed because my son's braver than me actually. He gets excited also every time we go there to have his teeth cleaned.