Monday, May 5, 2008

Mr. Stands-On-His-Own

Parker is getting better at standing all by himself! The other morning when April and I were up, I stood him up in front of the TV so he could zone out into his zombie-like state. He was so into watching Hi-5 that he didn't even realize he was standing! He stood on his own for about 20 seconds or so before he finally tumbled down to the floor and crawled around. He loves walking when you hold his hands, too. I don't have any photos of him standing because he gets too giddy with the camera in his face and he doesn't bother trying to stand on his own! In lieu of a Parker photo, here's Optimus Prime, which is almost as good.

Edited to add: Parker doesn't know it yet (he's napping right now) but I thought of a way to get him to stand so I can take a photo. He is repulsed by grass, so I'm going to stand him up on the lawn and fire away. He won't want to sit because he doesn't like the lawn. Mwahahaha... I'm so evil. Hopefully I'll have some nice standing photos in a bit!

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