Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Yesterday for Victoria Day, we took a trip to the park to feed some ducks! They were kind of shy, and I think I know why -- the seagulls are total badasses. They swooped in and took all the bread before the ducks even had a chance! Oh well. At least some form of feathered animal was able to eat our left-over bread. Parker also enjoyed some swings! It's nice having Mommy home on Mondays!

Going for a little stroll with Mommy's help.
Parker looooves the mirror in the front hallway. He spends a lot of time making faces at himself, kissing himself, smacking himself, and dancing for himself. He's a one-man show!
Before we went out, Parker thought it would be fun to walk around under the table for some reason. He's juuuuust small enough that he can stand upright without hitting his head! There are my legs, hard at work updating Parker's blog.
Parker checking out the water with Mommy. The ducks were shy.
Aren't they cute together?
Evil seagulls snatching delicious breads from starving ducks.

Parker loving the swings.
Parker loving Mommy's swing-pushing skills!


Claire said...

Love the pics...especially the one where he is making faces at himself in the mirror! He is such a good little boy and always seems so happy! He also seems like such a little entertainer already...just loved seeing him on his birthday! Give him a big kiss and hug for me!

Abuelita said...

I agree with Claire. He's so entertaining! Love the photos and his smile. What a happy little boy. Mommy and daddy must be doing something right...

Garrett Elliott said...

Yeah, he's pretty goofy, which makes for fun days! He likes to laugh and smile and be happy!

And he likes to dance.