Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tallest Baby In The World!

When Parker was little (as if he's still not little) I used to stand him up on my shoulders and spin him around going, "Taaaaallest baby in the woooooorld!" in a 1920's Barnum and Bailey circus voice. He'd always laugh and enjoy being 8 feet tall, but now it looks like he actually might be the tallest baby in the world. Well, okay, maybe not the tallest, but he's definitely growing. Check out what he can reach now.

And check out what the reaching and straining does to his feet. BEHOLD..................THE CLAW.


Abuelita said...

What a beautiful day we had with April and Parker. He's definitely a 'little boy' now. He had no nap this afternoon and yet, he went all over the place with us sporting his beautiful smile all the day. What a happy baby boy! Thanks for a lovely day.

Quilla said...

You write very well.

Garrett Elliott said...