Thursday, May 8, 2008

Walking Around Outside, Crawling Around Inside

Since the weather was so nice, we went outside again this afternoon (we actually went for groceries earlier in the day, but I didn't bring my I've probably already taken enough cart photos for now).

Here's Parker touching the grass.

I tried to take a photo of him standing as fast as I could, but apparently it wasn't fast enough for his liking. He still doesn't like the grass as you can tell from his expression.

Walking with Mommy!

More walking with Mommy........this time with ONE HAND! Ooooooo....

Parker inside, being pensive. And sporting some left-over yogurt on his mouth.

He loves hanging out by the baby gate. His new thing is to throw things down the stairs and giggle after they make their way to the bottom.

This is his mischievous smile. Since I was busy taking photos, he didn't think I could stop him from getting to the radio to push the buttons. But I did. I'm like a ninja.

Reading by himself.

Some more reading.

Some more new things for Parker: he points to things with his index finger now. He puts food in our mouths if we bend down near his stash while he's eating. He seems to get a kick out of that. He's saying a few more words now, like mama, book (sounds kind of like cock), quack quack (for duck, but sounds kind of like cock cock), and Ming Ming (which sounds like Cock, just kidding. It sounds like Ming Ming). He's also getting a bit pickier about the foods he eats. Sometimes he just doesn't want to eat certain things, so we're trying to introduce some new things. He loves walking with his Walk-And-Ride and he loves chasing balls around the basement. Oh, and he also loves birds. I think he'll be saying bird soon (or, at least, cock).


Claire said...

OMG! When did he grow up so fast! I can't believe he's walking (or atleast trying to walk!)...I can't wait to see him next weekend for his, where does a year go!?!?

Abuelita said...

I'm not happy...where did my baby go?? I can't believe he's standing by himself and walking holding just one hand! This is too much for me...he's growing way too fast and I love him more and more with each passing day.