Sunday, June 8, 2008

Abe's 85th Birthday Party

On Saturday we went to Montreal for April's grandpa's surprise 85th birthday party! He was actually pretty surprised by the whole thing, which is always fun, and it was nice to see a lot of people we hadn't seen for a few years (or who I hadn't met at all). The best part of the party was probably when Parker was cracking up at April's grandpa -- Parker was standing at the foot of their dining room table, and Abe was sitting on a chair on the other side. They couldn't really see each other until Abe sort of dove to the side, leaning on the chair next to him (going, "Boooo!"), and Parker was giggling like a crazy person. His laugh is so funny, and it was nice to see Abe get a chance to play with him on his birthday! Unfortunately we had to leave a bit earlier because of the drive back to Amherstview, but Parker is always pretty happy in the car so it wasn't a tough drive at all. Here are some photos from the party (a bit out of order, as usual).

This is Parker's cousin Abby. She's almost 3 months older than him and can walk like a pro!

Ooooo, balloooooons.

Happy birthday cake!

Millie enjoying the party!

Parker being a little boy!

When Abe first walked into the basement to see everyone. Surprise!

Parker and Mommy love balloons!

Is this Abe's party or Parker's? These photos are Parker-centric, but I guess it's his blog.

Relaxing in the comfy chair and enjoying good company.

Here's a link to a slideshow with a few more photos as well:


Allison Boone said...

The photos are great! I actually brought my camera with me and never got around to taking a single's sooo handy having a photographer in the family.
p.s. I love the photo of Parker and Abby looking at the balloons.

Tiffany Clayton said...

Garrett, I've had to go almost four days with an update. Could you fix this please? I need my Parker fix.