Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Did Someone Want Photos?

Here are some older photos that I forgot to post last week! They were buried on a memory card in my camera bag.

Parker just recently started giving us little hugs, which is pretty cute. Here he is mauling mommy's face with some eXTrEmE LoVe!!!!!

Parker's stomping ground: the hallway closet mirrors.

Sporting his new shoes, shorts, and t-shirt.

Here he is battling Alternate Dimension Parker, also known as Rekrap. When they get older, Rekrap will probably grow a goatee so you can distinguish between good and evil Parker a bit more easily.

Mmmmm... snacky snacks. Wait a minute!!! How did those peas get mixed with that cheese???

Parker doing his best Gollum face. "My precious!!!!"

Parker playing with a mouse. He seems to really like the wheel thing in the middle.

He likes it so much he just had to scream and tell the world!

Giant paws meet tiny mouse.

"Oooooooooooweeeeeeoooooooo!!!" or something like that.

Looking down at Parker with the fisheye lens as he climbs up my legs! Haha! Fisheye rules.

More fisheye fun in the front hallway.

One of Parker's new things is to push chairs around and re-arrange our kitchen. The other day he pushed the chair in circles around the kitchen for about 15 minutes while I ate some cheese and a peanut butter sandwich. I was spent.

Parker isn't safe from the paparazzi even when he's eating. It's a tough life.


Abuelita said...

Thanks for the fix, Garrett! Always love looking at his photos. A face anybody would love...

Claire said...

What an adorable and funny little guy he is turning out to be! I just love him to pieces!! Great pics..I especially love the one of Parker giving April a hug...ahhh!

Andrea said...

OMG, those fisheye pics are so great! What a cutie he is. Brayden has just started giving hugs and kisses too...only his kisses are more like open mouth, wet smacks on your face.

Garrett Elliott said...

Sometimes Parker's kisses are more like bites!

Claire said...

Okay..I'm ready for some new pictures please!!