Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sick Bear And Some Old Photos

The last few days Parker has been sick! We kind of think it's tooth-related (his eye-teeth seem to be coming in) but aren't 100% sure. He's been a total grumpus maximus since Thursday, and he's had a high fever on and off (plus he's really congested). Hopefully he's better by the end of the weekend! He's getting better at doing things, though -- he can climb up the stairs really quickly without any help, he really enjoys taking things off shelves and then putting them back on (future neat freak?), and his vocabulary consists of cheese, tree, up, Ming Ming, Mama (still no Dada), go go, bum bum, please, door, clock, book, ball, and car. And he's good at pointing to stuff too. Lately he's been pointing to his crib when he gets really tired (and he's been pretty lethargic the last few days) and it's the cutest thing ever. April tries to read him a little book, but instead he points to the crib as if to say, "Put me in there because I'm tired and that's where I go, Mommy."

April is officially off work for the summer, so that's exciting! Hopefully we can do lots of fun stuff this summer!

And Movies In The Square have started again, so hopefully we can check a few out.

In the meantime, here are some photos from some less sickly days, earlier in the week.

Mommy and Parker, the Karaoke Kid! He needs a hair cut!

This was taken yesterday before his nap. He was pretty hot and tired and his teeth were hurting, so I have him some ice cubes to suck on. He doesn't look very pleased.

But seconds later, he did this! "Oooooo! Waaaaooooooo!"

But seconds after that he did this. :( "I'm sick daddy, don't take my photo!"

Here he is a few days ago, pre-sickness, jamming on the awesome xylophone that Scott and Gemma got him for his birthday! So far we know how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, When The Saints Go Marching In, the Star Wars theme, and the theme from Love Boat.

Parker was playing with his stacking blocks, and he was dangling them behind his head and dropping them! Weirdo.

Parker opening the drawer to Mommy's china! He knows he's not supposed to do that, so when I caught him with a photo he was like, "What? What is it? Is something wrong? Do I have something on my face?"

Eating lunch.

Here's Parker goofing around with a half-filled Dasani bottle! Haha! Best toy ever?


Claire said...

I'm sorry to hear Parker Bear isn't feeling well...I hope he's better soon! Kellen is under the weather now too b/c of his needles yesterday..and I think the heat is not helping!
Give Parker a big kiss and hug for me!

Andrea said...

Isn't it funny how a water bottle is the best toy ever? We spend all this money on toys for no reason. The other day Brayden played with a piece of cardboard for 20 minutes. Go figure.

HumanUnit said...

Aww, sorry about the sick bear! At least on the plus side, great photo ops of a pensive and contemplative little boy...I specially like when they have the matted schweaty curls plastered all over their heads!