Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sir Reads-A-Lot

Hi Tiffany!
One of the cutest things ever is when Parker sits down to read his books. It's so funny, especially when I turn my head for a second only to find him in a little pile of books when I turn back. Here are some sneaky ninja photos of Parker reading his "gocks".

He finally caught me.

And here are some photos of Parker doing his crazy spider monkey walk on the hard floor. No knees!


Claire said...

Precious! I absolutely love the pictures of him reading! I also love the pics of him smiling..he has the most contagious grin in the world!

Abuelita said...

Can't believe he's almost standing up on his own! He'll take off any day now. He is absolutely precious. What a beautiful, happy little boy.

Tiffany Clayton said...

Knees are for lahoooooosers.

ncoles said...

I love his spider walk and his hair! Tooo cute!!! Alaina loves books too, good thing for the dollarstore :)

Garrett Elliott said...

Dollar Store books RULE! He can eat them all he wants because they only cost......A DOLLAR! Some of his favourites are the magnificent "My Baby Elephant", the action-packed "My Pretty Kitten", and the Pulitzer Prize winning "My Goldfish Wish"!