Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nana And Papa Playing A Game...!

Nana and Papa came for a visit last week! We didn't get to see Papa very much because we shot a wedding on Saturday and then went to see The Killers in Toronto on Sunday, but they got to spend some fun time with Parker! And they even invented a new song that goes like this: "Nana and Parker playing a game...! Papa and Nana playing a game...! Parker and Papa playing a game...!" (repeat, just switching the names around). My mom had mentioned the song, but I didn't hear Parker sing it until yesterday during lunch. He randomly broke into it so I called her and Parker left a cute singing telegram voice mail message. :D Here are some photos of us at the west end market where we bought some sweet locally made soap from the Kingston Soap Company, some of the best corn we've ever eaten (pictures to come soon), and some jelly for April from Henderson Farms on Wolfe Island!

Here's the official album cover for "Nana And Papa Playing A Game". Look for it to drop in stores everywhere, Winter 2009.
"Oh a puppy!!!!"
"Touch the puppy? Hi puppy! Hi!"
Stopping to smell the flowers. Luckily it wasn't full of bees that wanted to sting his face, like every other bunch of flowers in Kingston!
Looking suspicious of locally grown produce while Nana and Papa admire their findings in the background.

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Kristyne said...

Isn't is the cutest when they just break out into song?

And we love our Kingston Soap Company soap. And our jam from the same place.... Yup, we love the Market, too!!