Sunday, September 13, 2009

Best. Corn. Ever. And Other Stuff.

Here are a bunch of random photos.
Parker really likes peeling things. Like edges of paper, and books, and stickers, and labels. Anything that will come off, really. Here he is examing (what looks like) part of a Disney book. After he rips them he likes to say, "Broken!" in a sad voice.
Arrrrr! I'm biting me spoon, matey!
And now I'm biting the best corn ever!

And now some cheese! Arrrr! (okay, the pirate theme is probably getting a bit old by now)

Sporting his new hat.

Sporting his new hat and having a hairy spaz. Arrrrr!
Before we went to leave for the park the other day, Parker insisted on bringing Bert. And then he wanted to make sure Bert had a hat on before we left.
Playing with a car on our couch.
He loves to drive them along the wall and across the top of the couch where there's a little ridge so he can go, "Bump bump!" when the cars go over it.


Claire said...

Yeah! New pictures of Parker!!! He is looking like such a little boy now-especially in his new hat!

Kristyne said...

Great pictures!

Who lined his grapes up like that on his highchair?!? ;)

Garrett Elliott said...

Claire: Unfortunately the new hat seems mostly for show! He prefers his other brown hat and doesn't want to wear the new one very often. :(

Kristyne: Ha! We usually just sort of dump them on the tray and they fall into a line, but we use grapes for counting a lot. He likes to do his own version of this:

When he takes grapes away he goes, "Woop!"

Abuelita said...

Parker is getting so big and the photos really show he's becoming a big boy now. Love you, Parker!