Monday, September 21, 2009

A Conversation With Parker

Garrett: Want to go to the grocery store?
Parker: Grocery store!!!!!!!!1111eleven
G: Okay, can you get your shoes?
P: *gets shoes and sits down on the step* Get chicken?
G: Umm... maybe not today. We're going to get some bananas and carrots and I need some draino.
P: Okay! Drive!
G: Okay, let's go to the car.

And when we get to the grocery store...

P: Loney please?
G: Okay, let's go see the meat lady.
P: Hi lady! Loney please!
G: Can you say thank you?
P: Thank you!
G: Do we need anything else?
P: ........................beef! And bread!

He's getting so much better at talking! Yay! Still only a few word sentences at a time, but you can have little conversations with him, which is fun.


Claire said...

I love hearing Parker Bear talk! It just melts my heart!
BTW: What is "loney"?

Garrett Elliott said...

Loney is baloney, but he never says the ba for some reason! :D