Saturday, September 26, 2009

Big Hat

The other day before we went out, Parker really wanted to wear this hat that's a bit too big for him. Looks like he's ready for a safari!

Also, here's a recap of this morning when Parker woke up at 7. I was convinced I was going to get one more hour of sleep (and April will sleep in tomorrow) and April said, "I'm going to bring him in here, okay?" I replied, "Okay..." thinking it wouldn't be a big deal. 5 minutes later I felt tapping on my shoulder, and when I rolled over Parker was laying down next to me, a few inches from my face, smiling, and shouting, "Wake up, Daddy!!!!" Haha! Funny kid. :D

1 comment:

Claire said...

I agree with Parker...the hat definately added to the outfit!