Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Hallowe'en!

Here are some photos from Parker's adventures trick or treating tonight! It was a short trip to just a few of the neighbours' houses, but he really liked ringing their door bells and yelling, "TRICK OR TREAT!!!" in their faces. After he put his shoes on, he sat on the step (which seems to be his new thing) to pose for some photos.
I had to ask him to stand up because he kept wanting to sit.

Checking out the stash of Play-Doh that we had on hand for other trick or treaters.
Walking to the neighbours' steps.
Walking away from the neighbours' steps.
Even though it rained all morning and some of the afternoon, it ended up being a fairly nice night! A bit windy, but good for Hallowe'en.
Parker has a mild obsession with mailboxes. So when he realized we were headed in that direction, he thought it would be a great idea to offer the mailbox a treat. He kept holding it out and saying, "Here you go, mailbox!"
And here he is, visiting his friend.

Special thanks to Dustin for hooking Parker up with a Rice Krispie square, one of his favourites! As soon as we got home he was digging in his bag to find it so he could eat it in his mouth, as he likes to say.

All in all it was a super Hallowe'en! Har har.


scott said...

haha! the mouth is a great place in which to eat. ^o^

Abuelita said...

Hey, there Superman! I love your outfit, Parker, and I also love that you took the Spiderman basket I brought you...yeah! Lots of fun I'm sure. I love the way he wants to share with the mailbox!

Kristyne said...

The cutest Superman I've ever seen!

Sarah J. said...

Hey canine Parker was Superman too!!

Garrett Elliott said...

Scott: Yeah! He especially likes to put the chocolate in the mouth now. :|
Sarah: Whoa! No way! That's a weird coincidence! Parkers rule.

Julien's mommy said...

adorable! Julien had the exact same costume!

Sarah J. said...

Ya they do! ;)