Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Playing At The Thomas Store

Need an easy way to fill in time? Go to Chapters where they have a Thomas train table in the kids' section. If we don't have anything planned and feel like getting out of the house, we'll go check out The Thomas Store (as Parker calls it) and hang out for an hour, playing with the train table and reading books. Parker didn't feel like napping today so we went out in the afternoon before dinner. Here's some video of Parker playing with the trains:

Pointing out the two octagon shapes (stop signs) and also informing everyone that Thomas and James are coming.
Lots of trains end up going backwards.
All the trains end up going over two amazing bridges (he kind of mumbles, "amazing bridge!" towards the end).


Abuelita said...

What a great passtime Garrett. I've been to the store and it is amazing to see that setup. Good way to spend the pm with daddy!

Garrett Elliott said...

Hopefully all the trains aren't coated in a fine layer of H1N1. :D

Kristyne said...

Jeff has discouraged me taking Gabriel there for that very reason... lol ... I'm sure there are tons of germs all over the train table... but yet, it's just so fun! :D