Saturday, November 7, 2009

No More Frain Fracks!

Parker has an obsession with train tracks, but for the longest time he wasn't pronouncing the T-sound properly and it would always come out as, "frain fracks". The other day he randomly decided it was time to pronounce them properly. Goodbye frain fracks, hello train tracks!

Also, Parker has some weird quirks and strange habits that are probably almost entirely our fault. One of them that's kind of funny is to sing a naked song when we take his clothes off to get changed or go in the bath. It's basically this song about mangos but replace the word mango with naked. And imagine a little boy doing a funny dance while singing it.


Abuelita said...

Yeah 'frain fracks'! Way to go, Parker - I guess that's what happens when you're getting to be a big boy. Can't wait to hear him say 'train tracks'.

Kristyne said...

As exciting as it is when their language skills develop, it's still a little sad, isn't it? I'm still mourning the loss of "thumpy" over here... ;)