Thursday, November 26, 2009

"Who's That, Daddy?"

Another thing Parker has been doing recently is asking a lot of questions. It's super cute, because he always ends his question by saying Mommy or Daddy. So throughout the day, we'll go through a hundred different questions such as:

- Who's that, Daddy? *pointing to a guy in a book or in a store*
- What was that, Daddy? *after a loud noise*
- Where are we, Daddy? *while driving around*
- How are you, Daddy? *randomly throughout the day*
- What's that, Daddy? *pointing at random objects*

His little voice is so cute! Plus he never stops talking, so there's always plenty of stuff to talk about. The only time he's quiet is if we're in a new place with new people (then he's kind of tentative and shy). But when it's just us all day long he doesn't stop!

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