Monday, February 8, 2010

Big Boy Bed!

We made the switch to a big boy bed! We put everything together in front of him, so he saw take his crib apart (which we told him was for baby brother or baby sister) and he helped us put his new furniture together. Any by "help" I mean he jumped on us while we tried to build it. We made a big deal about how exciting the big boy bed was, and how comfy and warm and soft it was, and he seemed to be really into it. Luckily he didn't nap that afternoon, so he was super tired by 6 pm, and we put him in his bed and told him he had to stay there and go to sleep. Luckily he did! He had an awesome sleep, and called us in the next morning to come and get him. Here's a photo that he requested of "Baby", his favourite stuffed animal that goes to bed with him:

And here he is climbing into his new bed for the first night! He's so tiny! There's also a mirror on the dresser on the right, but we were too lazy to install it on that first day but it's up now.
"Big boy bed! Yaaaaay!"
I was really nervous that he wouldn't nap because he could just get up and roam the house. But he napped on Monday without any problems. On Tuesday he got up and I heard him through the monitor. So when I went up to see him he was waiting at the top of the stairs and clapped when he saw me. :D I told him he had to stay in bed and go right to sleep and he did! Yay! The only other obstacle that we've encountered so far is that he can stand on his bed and look out the window. One of the days last week I found him behind the shade, watching the boom boom doing construction. I told him he wasn't allowed to watch it and he had to go to sleep, and he did! Haha! Best toddler ever. So far so good with the big boy furniture!


Abuelita said...

Oh, Parker, you do look so little on that big bed! I love the bedroom set though - it looks great in the room. Looks like Parker is getting into his upcoming 'big brother' role already...

Claire said...

YEAH PARKER!!! He looks so big in his "big boy" bed!!! I love his new bedroom set! Maybe he can pass on a few pointers to Kellen...we're switching him to his "big boy" bed in a month or so....wish us luck!