Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rocking Out To Splash 'N Boots

Here's a video I made while Parker and I were eating dinner the other night. He really likes the song "Hello" by Splash 'N Boots and he hadn't heard it for a while so I was hoping he'd totally rock out when he heard it. And he did. I set the camera up during the first track, "This Is Our Home", hoping he'd forget about it by the time the second song came on and he did! Here he is, singing and dancing a bit to a song about Canada, and then really givin'er to "Hello". I think this might be the loudest I've ever heard him sing, too (usually he's pretty quiet).

The video was so big I couldn't upload it directly through Blogger, so I had to make it a YouTube video instead. New frontiers!


Kristyne said...

I couldn't view the video as it said it's private and you need an invite to view it!

Garrett Elliott said...

When I uploaded the YouTube video, I thought I could make it private but then still post a direct link in the blog post. And since it was a direct link, I thought that would override the privacy setting, but I guess not! So I made the video public and I think it should be working now.


Anonymous said...

Garrett. Elliott. This. Video. Is. Amazing.

High five, Parker!

April, Paul & Ruby

Kristyne said...

That was hilarious. Love the eyes closed, arms waving, rocking out, singing loudly Parker. Awesome.

Claire said...

This video is sooooo cute and fun to watch!! I couldn't stop smiling and laughing!! Parker really loves his music, eh?! I just love him!